Our Mission

Simple, face-to-face interactions are how many relationships and brands are initially developed. It's easy to forget this, with so much of our lives now online. We're a self-service marketing and branding platform that helps businesses with these interactions. We give them the online and offline marketing materials to build relationships and a brand. We believe that making a business card, website, business card or custom marketing product should not only be easy, it should be fun. We give you the tools to brand your business during these crucial points of connection with customers, partners and the world.

We enable businesses around the world to create and purchase custom marketing products and online services through our websites FreeLogoServices.com, PrintingNow.com, and LogoMaker.com. From business cards, websites, domains, pens, t-shirts, and more, we give you the tools you need to engage with customers online and offline.

About Logomix

Our Technology

Our branding platform's proprietary technology delivers a seamless customer experience.

  • Powerful machine-learning-based algorithms drive our tools, showing customers only the most relevant designs.
  • Patented dynamic image rendering technology helps customers visualize marketing products branded with their logo.
  • Multi-currency and multilingual e-commerce function allows for use in any locale.

Our Difference

At our core, we're a technology company with a great platform -- not a manufacturing company. That makes all the difference. We can focus on delivering the best experience possible. We've curated a platform for launching your brand powered by the best local suppliers around the world.

Because we don't rely on our own manufacturing facilities, we have more printing capacity than any other company in the world. We reduce inefficiency and streamline the ordering, manufacturing, and shipping processes, providing customers with faster delivery, lower costs, and higher product quality.

But don't take our word for it, you can read more about LogoMix in a featured piece on Hosting AdviceOpens a new window.

Our Culture

At LogoMix, we believe progress is achieved through creativity, metrics, and fast execution. We do this every day in a fun, eclectic, and learning-based environment. Above all, we love our customers and wouldn't exist without them.

Where the magic happens

Located in a historical building in the heart of downtown Boston, our open office space encourages creativity and collaboration.
36 Bromfield Street, Suite 302, Boston MA 02108. MapOpens a new window